My Pixel Life (Print Wars) Changelog

A collection of changes for My Pixel Life (Print Wars). This game project will seek its rebirth in a different engine, meanwhile I will update it with small QoL updates now and then.

    14.08.2021 - Build 0.8.1
    • Extra adjustments made to backpack block mechanic

    13.08.2021 - Build 0.8.0
    • Fixed animation errors that prevented from playing Arcade mode
    • Fixed shooting a floppy. Previously it would cause a spam attack or shoot randomly.
    • Adjusted fly speed of floppies.
    • Removed NPC from floor_2 in Arcade mode that would cause a crash.
    • Decreased stamina drain while holding a backpack from 0.2 to 0.05
    • Fixed a bug where stamina would not work properly when it reaches 0 (may require extra fixes)
    • Adjusted first boss horizontal speed
    • Adjusted first boss range attack
    • Adjusted pigeons on a roof level
    • Adjusted attack interval of pidgeons
    • Multiple fixes applied to a flying printer boss
    • Fixed (partially) a bug where a player would be stuck in a walking animation during a flying boss rise phase
    • Un-finished facility level has been made available, simply press O in Arcade mode and enjoy suffering.