Necklace Changelog

Here you will find all latest updates to a game in development - Necklace. A small disclaimer - I am studying Unity and C# via a course which covers how to make a text adventure game. My intention is to expand course's end result product by adding more options and making a bigger effort result. I intend on dedicating about a month to this project as I want to make a first and properly complete game no matter how small it is. But I also want it to different by having things (that course does not include) such as sound effects, sprites, voice covers and typewrite effect.

    06.09.2021 - Build 0.0.8
    This is a WIP build, as it currently is missing multiple backgrounds, sfx, images and slides according to a dev.plan
    • Updated main menu title font and background image
    • Added two more background images of Player's flat
    • Added 11 more slides
    • Added 3 SFX sounds
    • Fixed a minor text glitch at Slide 6 of Night Ocean chapter
    • Added msc_night_ocean_lite_slow musical score

    29.08.2021 - Build 0.0.7
    • Added a 'Dump all text' function, bind to key Spacebar
    • Added 'Go to a previous scene' function, bind to key Backspace
    • Ability of 'Points of no return' can be used to ensure 'Go to a previous scene' will not be exploited
    • Expanded initial dialogue with more slides
    • Added three more Background Images
    • Added two character sprites for Tenebres
    • Added a small disclaimer at the beginning of a story
    • Added one SFX effect
    • Added draft version of another soundtrack (played during Disclaimer scene)

    28.08.2021 - Build 0.0.6
    Next build (0.0.7) will be fully dedicated to the content itself (Additional intro scenes, revamped Forest and Abandoned House scenes) since work on a Visual Novel is practically complete apart from a few missing features that will eventually be implemented.
    • Added chapter zero (new intro) with 11 slides. A small dialogue between two characters
    • Added new music score to chapter zero (Yet to be improved in future builds)
    • Added three new backgrounds
    • Re-made dialogue/chat box (sprite changed)
    • Changed font for story text box
    • Added fade out option to a front-end background
    • Added fade in option to a front-end background
    • Added an option to add back-end backgrounds which allows to initialize smooth background transitions
    • Temporarily disabled previously made scenes in a Forest and Abandoned House locations (Will be re-introduced in future builds with an updated text format)
    • Added Left Character sprite function along with enable/is talking? options
    • Added Right Character sprite function along with enable/is talking? options
    • Adjusted interface placements.
    • Added fade in/fade out option for a Left character slot
    • Added fade in/fade out option for a Right character slot

    22.08.2021 - Build 0.0.5
    • Expanded intro slides from 2 to 4
    • Expanded first forest slides to break text into smaller chunks
    • Updated text to McKnight's version for all intro slides + first forest slide
    • Added Main menu with temporary background
    • Changed font for character name, location and story text (font for options is yet to be changed)
    • Minor code optimizations
    • Added Game Over instance, currently not included into the game itself yet
    • Minor text updates at the end slides in Abandoned house
    • Re-structured slides into folders for easier navigation
    • Added transparency for dialog background box
    • Updated dialog box sprite
    • Extra adjustments to various text box positions
    • Updated character name and location fields for all slides
    • Added an option to add Background sprites to scenes
    • Added new backgrounds: Forest (first out of 5), Beach (temporary for intro), Abandoned house (temporary placeholder).

    18.08.2021 - Build 0.0.4
    Game is now available for testing purposes only. Everything is yet a subject to change but I do still want to add character and background sprites support, menu and ability to load the game from the point a player took a break on. The way I see it without porting game out of Web is to use old save/load system games like Dune used in SMD2 consoles - type a code and a level will be loaded. Additionally, this project has obtained one more person who will greatly help with game design and voice overs.
    • Fixed a bug which allowed players to select non-existant options
    • Added "character name" field which will swich between character names and narrator
    • Added location for easier understanding of where player is currently at
    • Additional volume tuning for SFXs.
    • Build 0.0.4 is now available for testing purposes on Games page.

    17.08.2021 - Build 0.0.3
    Game will become available for testing purposes only at Build 0.0.4 and will be accessable from Web. This is due to a fact that "engine" build of Visual Novel system is almost complete.
    • Added more slides (14 in total)
    • Added more ambience and sfx sounds
    • Added ability to skip dialogues before system ends writing them
    • Added headers to scene parameters for easier navigation and more intuitive usability
    • Added second set of ambient and sfx parameters so that engine can play two SFX and two ambient sounds at the same time in a single scene if needed
    • Uploaded 0.0.3 Build for fine tuning of novel settings before 0.0.4 release
    • Added "Play again" option at the end of both branches.

    16.08.2021 - Build 0.0.2
    • First five slides (scenes) are written for an Alpha Demo.
    • Added Ambient Loop option
    • Added a Delay option to both Ambient and SFX sounds (dictates with what delay a sound file must be played)
    • Added Ambient sound persistency (it will not reset the play of a sound file when player enters a new scene unless AmbientReload is selected)
    • Added first six slides for tuning purposes.
    • Added forest and beach ambience
    • Added forest sound effects
    • Added a volume option to ambient and sound effect sounds.
    • Added a typewriter effect
    • Added an option to control typewriter speed
    • Added sound effect (Dialogue SFX).
    • Added sound speed and volume options for Dialogue SFX.

    15.08.2021 - Build 0.0.1
    • Created a first iteration of a Text-Adventure engine.
    • Implemented States (various selectable options aka branching story)
    • Implemented a first iteration of an audio module (gives an ability to assign custom ambient and effect sounds to each scene)
    • Updated audio module, it now supports sound and ambient effects that are able to be played at once.
    • Added "Ambient Reload" boolean option to Audio module. When selected, it will stop current in play ambient sound before launching a new one.
    • Added Loop option for SFX Sounds.
    • Implementation of an audio module allows to create sprite module in a next build
    • Main plot has been sketched out along with a rough draft of Chapter I.