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Hello there. I guess you may be surprised just as I am. What happened? Well, a long-story short answer is... I am tired. All these websites are such a cash-grab attempt (themes, plugins and what not else) regardless of where you try to step on. A damned minefield. I know why this is happening. I just don't like it. Not to mention how complicated some things may be, over polluted or otherwise not necessary for a simple website. So I came to a conclusion of creating a simple website of my own.

Right now I am slowly but steadily studying how to develop websites by following one of the courses. Hence this page is far from obtaining its final look. It will gradually evolve along with my skills. I finished studying HTML and CSS sections, using my newly obtained experience to improve the looks of this page. However, there is more and more to learn and implement. But for now, let it be as it is currently.