This is a collection of all change logs from my journey of website coding. No matter how insignificant change there is, it is always fun to record such. A chronicle so to say.

    • Added iframe to both pages. Allows to insert Sidebar from a separate page, hence one source to edit in the future
    • Added Games page with content included
    • Minor margin adjustments to Sidebar iframe
    • Removed absolute position for footer
    • Removed heading for pages
    • Removed iframe, it doesn't work well with blocks & columns for mobile devices width. Will seek an alternative solution.
    • Slightly increased height of a header image
    • Adjusted footer to be displayed correctly

    • Implemented simple CSS file.
    • Added Changelog page
    • Added "About me" section
    • Added Header block with background image
    • Added adjustable width for website to fit in screen (blocks will change their position based on browser's width)
    • Extra CSS adjustments made